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Upcoming revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar
2011-06-15 12:25:46
Vista Group,Feel free to pass this on to those doubting the validity of the upcoming revaluation of the Iraqi dinar.

The article below, “Billions over Baghdad,” written by John B. Taylor, under secretary of the Treasury from 2001 to 2005, and the author of “Global Financial Warriors,” is a concise explanation of the beginnings of the plan to devalue, print a new dinar currency, then revalue (RV) the Iraqi dinar. It was first conceived by Cheney & Greenspan, et al, and then put into action before the first shot was ever fired in the Iraqi War. It also gives credibility to GW Bush when he expressed many times as to how this war would pay for itself, namely OIL. Iraqi oil at less than $33/barrel coming to the USA.

The 3-5 trillion Iraqi dinar currently held by the US treasury will be returned to Iraq beginning 6 months from now in exchange for oil at the lower price. This, in part, is how Iraq will finance this revaluation. One barrel of oil will cost the US roughly 6 dinar currently held by the US Treasury. That barrel of oil actually costs Iraq from $1.00 to 4.00 to produce. This equates to approximately $.20 to $.50 per dinar (not the $4+ connected to the upcoming RV). Spread the costs of this exchange of dinar for oil out over several years or decades amidst the back and forth commerce of unprecedented proportions between the two countries, and it is clear that the actual costs of dinar for oil will hardly be felt at all.

Iraq will gain so much from international trade and commerce following the rebuilding phase currently underway, that, from this alone, the sum total of the RV could be financed. This is not really hard to imagine when you understand that the FOREX market itself moves (circulates) over 4 trillion dollars worth of currency in a single day. International commerce trades much more than that in a day. The key here is “back and forth”. The same money will be recycled many times in many ways, and from this, bills get paid.

In 2003 the new Iraqi currency series was sent by ship, and also flown by twenty seven 747′s, into Iraq right during the war. That new series is the very SAME dinar that we all presently hold awaiting its revaluation.
Bottom line is this: The events in Iraq are part of a long standing plan. Now, over 2 million Americans hold an average of 1 million dinar each. Every government in the world owns large amounts of dinar with the expectation of leveraging their countries into a lower state of debt. (Have you wondered why the papers have reported numerous “forgiveness of debt” deals being made at national levels lately?)

Most of us, as average American citizens, are only involved in this investment because the election for a new Prime Minister of Iraq last March (2010) was inconclusive, resulting in a 9 month delay (to Dec 15th) to confirm Maliki as the PM. Tens of thousands got wind of this investment during that 9 months. This was followed by another five months to complete the technical infrastructure on the banking and FOREX sides, iron out the last minute back room deals, settle all Chapter 7 requirements, negotiate the payment of debts, and officially form the Iraqi government/cabinet with the final Security Minister being positioned and announced concurrently with the RV

On Feb 25th, 2011 the Iraqi Minister of Trade formally requested being granted permanent membership into the World Trade Organization as a fully fledged member, rather than as an observer member. Such an appointment can only be made if all Chapter 7 sanctions have been removed and their currency is tradable on the open market. (via Google Translator)…knews/2/220831/

Word has spread ’round the globe, partly due to the diligent efforts of the dinar forums, which have complied vast amounts of research, data and first hand intel, in an effort to determine, and plan for, the two most important pieces of information associated to this grand event – “the rate” and “the date”.

120+ countries will see changes in their currency values along with Iraq upon the initiation of this unprecedented event. Each nation’s currency rate will ultimately (if not immediately) be based mostly on the nation’s assets (precious metals, oil, gas, GDP, etc.). See the article in Business Line “Drifting Back to the Gold Standard”

The revaluation of the Iraqi dinar is the beginning of the greatest wealth transfer in the history of modern man. The economic structures of the world are currently undergoing their most profound change in economic history. I anticipate that we will see the biggest economic boom the world has ever known taking shape over the next 50 years. We are all part of this history now being made!