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Dinar...Boots on the Ground
2011-06-15 12:27:10
My husband works in Iraq and has for the past 7 years. We, as much as anyone, would love this RV to happen so that he could come home and not have to worry about providing for our family. We have been in this investment for the 7 years he has been working there and have waited and watched, just like everyone else, hoping to hear some good news about this.

I come to XX every day, several times a day reading the news and rumors, chats and opinions of others. Very few people do i put any stock in because as we all know... every week someone has talked to someone at a bank or has boots on the ground info that never seems to pan out. My husband travels alot but stays very busy on base and gets very little time to talk to the locals.

He can usualy confirm or debunk rumors that I tell him I read on the site and it helps me on who I listen to and what I put stock in. With all this being said.... I recieved an e-mail from him yesterday I wanted to share with you.

I have read about the lower denoms but knowing this is something that my husband himself saw, and a small coversation he had, I feel really positive about it. I KNOW it is fact..... but please put into it as much as your heart can afford. If he hears anything else or has a change to get a picture or anything else that you would concider Solid.... I will pass it on. God Bless and have a great day.


Lower Denoms - From: Ben SXXXXXX
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 11:26 AM

Boots on the ground info,

I just saw the ever elusive small denom dinar they are on the street in crisp clean new paper. I laid eyes on a 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 100 dinar note. The Iraqi that had them said they were as he put it same same with us dollar. He also had a 1000,10.000, and a 25.000.

He said he was saving them for cash in as they have started trying to collect them all at the banks. The Iraqi said they would be "once again as he put it", lot money same same as USD. I asked him if a lot of Iraqi still had the big denoms and he said most were to poor and had to use them to live off of and when they get paid again it is with the small bills. Sounds like they really are getting close to doing this; Now you have some real boots on the ground info.