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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

Gary B. – Exchanging With Chase Bank
2011-06-15 12:28:24

Hey ya’all got a good one for ya! I have a friend who lives in a very small town. (Well its like 2,000 people in that town) and he has been an insurance salesman in that town for over 30-years. Therefore he has gotten to know almost ALL the local business owners VERY WELL. This includes the manager of the local “Chase Bank” branch there. Well he has known her for over 30+ years and went into the bank on Friday to talk to her. He asked her if she knew anything about the Dinar, and she pulled him to the side and said she is NOT supposed to talk about this BUT….

She has heard from corporate that they want to have as much of the Dinar cash in business as they can get!! Therefore she has been directed by corporate to make sure this is ALL ABOUT SERVING THE CUSTOMER!! She is to bend over backwards for anybody who has Dinar they want to cash, and for those who are current long standing customers to cash in with NO SPREAD, give them the best deal the bank is able to do, even if it costs a little to do it, KEEP THE CUSTOMER. Provided of course they keep their Dinar holdings primarily in Chase Bank. Also she was instructed to charge a spread though for NEW customers, and that spread is to commensurate with the amount the new customer is exchanging and to exchange they must become a customer of Chase.

He asked about if she as a small town branch would need to send the Dinar off to a larger branch to be verified before it could be deposited and she said “No we have ways to verify it is legit currency even here in this small out of the way branch. You will have your exchange cash in your account before you walk out the door!”

Oh yes, also she did NOT say anything about the timing but that he should be ready, no specifics on exact time.

I find this very exciting news!! I have been a Chase customer for many years now!! Whoooo-Hoooo!!