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Scooter Diatribe: It's Only a Matter of Time
2011-06-15 12:32:29
Good Evening Dinarians,

This investment experience truly STINKS and I am personally ready for it to be over!!!! Every fabric of my being has been mentally and physically challenged and I’ve often found myself of late questioning my original decision to jump into the game. However, after every evaluation of the situation, I find myself highly resolve and more confident. The experience may have STUNK over the past couple of years but we are truly coming to the end of the journey.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll witness final meetings with all stake holders worldwide and rumors will fly around at a fervent speed within our community. Here’s my recommendation: Stay the course, be strong, and make sure you have a solid post RV plan for yourself. As I’ve said in the past, nobody knows who, what, when , or where, but we do know the list of benchmarks and task are very quickly being removed from the list of “to-do’s”.

With that said, there’s strong indicators that show this could occur anytime but other indicators show the end of month is more optimal. Remember nobody knows but take a look at some of the upcoming events and I’ll let you decide:

June 13th Parliament meets to approve the demarkation lines with Kuwait

June 15th Several DFI accounts moving to US Treasury Trust Accounts

June 16th UNSC Report on Iraq presented to Security Council

June 22nd UNSC Meets to discuss Final Report on Iraq to lift Sanctions

June 30th Government Banks Re-Boot – New Balance Sheets and fully capitalized

June 30th Full Release of DFI from UN – Account is completelly controlled by Iraqi’s

There’s other data points for which I could go expand upon; however, and more important, the Ministry of Finance just released the detailed spreadsheets for Iraq budgets going back to 2006, including 2011 details of all the increases. I downloaded all spreadsheets and the translation process is currently underway. Remember, these details don’t get released unless forward moves were preceeding. I will have those spreadsheets posted by Monday afternoon at the latest.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a great evening and I look forward to chatting with you all very soon.

Best regards,