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FREEWAY BILL (Read this and look at the math about the Iraqi dinar RV outcome)
2011-07-05 12:47:38
JUNE 27TH, 2011 08:39 AM 

I have been listening to people worry and get all stressed about the amount of dinar that is out and how this is going to play out, so I have done some math to clarify and point out what so many are not considering:
1) The existence of approx. 30 trillion dinar that was printed to begin with : Shabibi has said that they have accounted for a little over 80% and have knowledge that it is in their country, either in their hands or their people’s. What we are not acknowledging is that their dinar will not be cashed out …. ever. This is their currency and this is what they will be using in their day to day lives. Out of the picture for us…
2) The US holds approx. 3.2 +/- trillion which they will cash in for vouchers of oil @ $32 per barrel to be paid over 20 years. Being that the Iraqi cost for a barrel of oil is much less than $ 1.00, this again, is an insignificant amount.
3) The entire population of the US and the balance of the world would then be around 2.8 +/- trillion dinar that would be cashed in @ XXXX rate which again, after 6 months would be a credit for future oil distribution @ $32 per barrel to be paid over 20 years. Another insignificant amount.
Once this is all said and done, according to my calculations, this will cost Iraq the tidy sum of a little over 2.5 trillion USD to be paid over 20 years which comes out to 125 billion dollars per year which considering their wealth of oil, gold, diamonds, etc. this again is an insignificant amount.
So, Iraq will emerge as the wealthiest country in the world with a plan to becoming the financially sound country that holds more history than any other country in the world other than Israel. And, with the investments that are heading their way, this payback will be a drop in the bucket for them.
If you can debunk any of this, go ahead, but after studying this for a long time, I believe that I am very close to the factual numbers.
Folks, this is a blessing and the largest transfer of wealth since Moses led his people out of Egypt …. we are all lucky to be smack dab in the middle of this and GOD will be watching how we use this blessing.
The CC from PTR (both of them) were informative and exciting, but this goes much deeper than what we heard. Every country in the world will be effected in a positive way after this RV. Time to unleash this dog and let it hunt!