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Will The RV Happen? The Numbers Don’t Lie!
2011-07-05 12:49:32
JUNE 28TH, 2011 06:55 AM ·  

I for one like looking at the numbers!

I hope by doing this it will put to rest those that suggest the RV won’t happen or that it is a canal-water sucking-est bad deal.

Iraq has approximately. 27 trillion dinar printed in circulation, which has a value of 23,047,400,000 so just a little over 23 billion dollars.

This was posted on CNN in 2010, Iraq’s estimated oil reserves have grown by nearly 25 percent, the oil ministry announced Monday.
“Iraq’s oil reserves which are extractable are 143.1 billion barrels,” said Hussein al-Shahristani, Iraq’s oil minister, based on data provided by Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
The OPEC figures are about 28 billion barrels higher than previous estimates.
At $81 a barrel, about what oil was trading at early Monday, the added reserves would be worth about $2.27 trillion.

Now at a $100.00 a barrel their oil is worth 14 trillion 300 billion dollars. Some estimate that they have as much as 300 billion barrels of oil. Now this is  just oil, it doesn’t include any other natural resources.

So how can anybody suggest that an RV of their currency isn’t going to happen is beyond me.
When you do the math something has to happen. Dinar currency worth 23 billion, as it stands, Iraq’s natural resources worth over 14 trillion dollars.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

Just do the math!

This will happen..