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UN ends control over Iraq’s money; Step towards CH VII exit says Saleh
2011-07-05 13:00:11
JULY 2ND, 2011 09:51 AM 

Received the Iraqi government from the first of July the responsibility of the Development Fund for Iraq, after eight years under this fund which under the tutelage of the United Nations through the International Advisory and Monitoring.

The UN Security Council issued a statement welcoming the transfer of responsibility of the fund and the supervision of the International Advisory and Monitoring to the Iraqi committee financial experts.

The UN Security Council issued in December a resolution ending the supervision of United Nations Fund as of June 30. President of the Board of Supreme Audit, who heads the Committee of Financial Experts Iraqis Abd al-Basit Turki said at the conclusion of two days of talks with representatives of the United Nations to move the responsibility of the Development Fund for Iraq to the Iraqi government is a major step towards the exit from the provisions of Chapter VII and the achievement of full sovereignty to Iraq’s money. and the effects of the transfer of responsibility to the Development Fund for Iraq, and supported by oil revenues is mainly speculation about the cases and financial claims that may be heaped on the Iraqi government after the liberation of Iraq’s money of international trusteeship, whether from individuals or companies.

Radio Free Iraq, met with central bank adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh, who stressed that the opportunity will be available to check these claims and litigation during the continuance of protection available for Iraq funds by presidential decree, an American. (EO 13303)

He said Mohammed Saleh, said that the Iraqi government to cooperate with international lawyers to sort and verify the claims of legitimacy and access to quantify accurately.

He noted that the central bank adviser take over the Development Fund for Iraq that will enable the Iraqi government to deposit funds of the Iraqi people in multiple incubators to ensure their protection from prosecution after the U.S. presidential decision.

Noted Mohamed Saleh also said that the end of the international trusteeship to the Development Fund for Iraq is a step towards the exit from the provisions of Chapter VII in full.

Chairman of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Ahmed al-Alwani, called for the Iraqi government’s commitment to the agreements signed between Iraq and the United States because it provides for, among other issues on the protection of funds Iraq. He stressed Alwani to address the issue of Iraq’s debts effort and a national view of the sensitivity. analyst confident Hashemi considered that the transfer of responsibility for the Development Fund for Iraq will be a test for the Iraqi government’s ability to protect the people’s money.

UNFPA introduced after the 2003 war to ensure the use of oil revenues in rebuilding the Iraqi economy and to prevent the occupying power from the disposition of these funds.