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Iranian currency revamp
2011-07-20 00:34:20
JULY 18TH, 2011 11:05 AM ·

Iran’s central bank is running a poll in which the country’s citizens can vote on a possible new name for Iranian currency

Iran’s central bank is asking citizens their opinions on new names for the country’s currency.

Visitors to the bank’s website can choose from several names, including rial – the current name – toman, parsi and derik.

In the online survey, the bank also asks respondents how many zeros should be removed from the currency.
The government has proposed lopping off four zeros. The biggest Iranian banknote is 100,000 rials, which is equivalent to around nine US dollars.

The poll results will be taken into consideration when the government draws up a draft on changes to the currency. The proposal will be submitted to parliament.

Iran’s government has approved removing zeros from the currency, apparently as a result of inflation, which is officially about 14 per cent.