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Site Member Info: News from the UK
2011-07-23 10:42:10

This was on our national channel 4 news last night here in the UK, I thought it was interesting enough to share and made me think of our RV. I truly believe after hearing them speak we are very close to receiving our blessing.
There is no link because I wrote as I heard it, it is just a summary. Im sure if people feel the need to watch it they can google Ch4 7pm news (18/07/11).
gold hit a record high today, cos of currency scares, economies are on the verge of collapse, apparantly a test signal was sent out friday to test if banks could handle a certain situation and not collapse. like a massive influx of cash (billions they said). hmmmm!!
Debt ceiling needs to be resolved this week or there will be financial armageddon.
The world is fuming at US arguing in the face of a financial disaster.~
Short and sweet. I hope you like, hearing this made my day, RV is close IMO.
Have a great day and lets hope the US stops holding this thing up ASAP.

This is real information, not made up guru nonsense, I 100% believe that test signal was a test for RV.
Why else would they send a test signal to see if banks could cope with a massive influx of cash when the world is on the verge of financial armageddon?
Have a great day all
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