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(the incomprehensible rv): DV
2011-07-23 10:43:56
….to admit it hasn’t happened yet.” But hang in there, it’ll come. 1.Turmoil shimmered down 2.families face hope is more accessible 4.poverty is addressed 4.the Iraqi government is established 6.roads being paved 7. Homes built 8. Happiness prevails among majority 9. Money more available 10. Jobs provided 11. Dreams are more foreseeable 12. Comfort is more experienced 13. Women laughing 14. Children more secure 15. Health issues addressed 16. The sun looks more beautiful 17. Pride put in better perspective 18. A sense of accomplishment is felt 19. Relationships bond stronger ethic realized 21. Talents discovered 22. Military training among Iraqi’s 23. Cleanliness accomplished 24. Pass faults admitted among politicians and the citizens 25. A willingness to do better 26. Mothers see a future for their children 27. Schools being built 28. Vehicles everywhere (wow) 29. Flatscreen tv’s available 30. Positive attitudes everywhere…..shall I continue? All this and more being implemented in Iraq. The streets are rumbling with activity, the people want the western way of life. Much sorrow has taken it’s toll, but hope prevails! The american dream is strongly felt. They said, the Iraqi leaders, will finish the job! They said they’d revalue their currency! If they don’t, poverty will remain, you’d have to revert back to despair because money would still be difficult to acquire. The new denominations are at hand. Their currency will not hold it’s present value, less than a penny? A 25k note is worth less than a quarter, it’d take 150,000 dinars to buy a loaf of bread. The revaluation is in the blueprint of rebuilding Iraq. Wow! What a great future Iraq has! Many untold stories yet to be told. The revaluation of the Iraqi dinar is on it’s way. Go RV!!!!!!