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China announces support for Iraq to emerge from Chapter VII
2011-07-23 10:44:58
Maliki Jintao: We look forward to be a Beijing partner strategically in the renaissance of economic BAGHDAD – morning resulted in the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Beijing for the signing of three memorandums of mutual understanding, and access to China’s support to get rid of international sanctions imposed on Iraq. has met the Prime

Minister on the second day for his visit to Beijing, Chinese President Khoo Jintao.

Maliki confirmed during the meeting that Iraq is looking forward to more joint relations with China in political, economic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, scientific, health, etc., in the interest of the two countries. and the new Prime Minister, according to a statement issued by his office had received “morning,” a copy of it, the call for Chinese companies to work in Iraq and participate in the process of construction and reconstruction, especially that Iraq has succeeded in creating the right climate for investment, and enable the development of the legal and legislative for that.

He said: “This visit confirms our desire to develop bilateral relations, and benefit from the Chinese experience, and access to China’s support in Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII, in addition to activating the work of the Joint Economic Committee between the two countries.

The prime minister said that Iraq is a rich country and has a wealth of many, but he denied for decades, and now look to China to be a partner strategically in the renaissance of economic in the various sectors.

For his part, President of the Republic of China: that this visit will have a significant role in strengthening bilateral relations, stressing that China-bound are vital to the reduction or cancellation of debt owed ​​by Iraq, and supported in the Security Council to get rid of international sanctions .

He Tao desire to contribute to Chinese companies in the process of construction and reconstruction in Iraq, and take the opportunity to work in different sectors, especially economic and trade, reiterated his support for the Iraqi government in all efforts to preserve the country’s stability and prosperity.

The prime minister met his counterpart Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, took place at the beginning of the meeting ceremony of official reception in the building of the Presidency and Minister of the Government of China, and the playing Alsalaman Republicans of the two countries in the presence of the two delegations.

and Prime Minister during the meeting to activate the work of the Joint Committee between Iraq and China. as the face of Maliki’s invitation to Chinese Premier to visit Iraq, and the exchange of visits by ministers and officials in both countries.

The two sides signed yesterday a memorandum of understanding in the field of economic and technical, the other in the training of Iraqi