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History lesson
2011-08-01 11:22:58

This History lesson is intended to educate people that want to learn the truth behind what will be the largest single financial event of our time…. the pending Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar, the currency of Iraq. The ramifications of this event will change world This History lesson is what’s known as, The Plan, the most brilliant example of International Finance based on Fossil Fuels, Currency and Politics the world has ever seen and it was orchestrated primarily by former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Chairman of Halliburton, the leading Oil Services Company in the world AND Key Members of the Federal Reserve. For those of you that don’t know, The FED is its’ own independent corporation owned by some of the wealthiest families in the World. The US Congress has no say in its internal or external policies! The FED helps maintain economic stability in the world through a network of Central banks!
By the end of this you’ll fully understand what the FED and the US Government have been doing behind the scenes for the last decade in Iraq and what’s about to come to fruition for the US as the leader of the Coalition forces that freed Iraq from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein. You’ll recall, Iraq, under Sadam, went on a rampage in the early 90’s and invaded his neighbor, Kuwait where they pillaged and then burned the oil wells on the way out as the US chased him back to Iraq under President Bush Sr. The United Nations then severely punished Iraq by putting economic sanctions on the Country that helped devastate their economy driving their currency, the Dinar, from a value of $3.22 per Dinar to the current low of 1/10th of a penny! This is what I call the “Ultimate Paradox”, where you have potentially the richest country in the world with a currency that is basically worthless! Because of Sadam’s actions in Kuwait and the brutality he was showing against the Kurds in northern Iraq, the US was forced to make a political, military and humanitarian move to extricate him from power. Those were the altruistic reasons that were given by our Government but the real reasons were to protect our supply of oil and make huge profits, as we are currently economic & political hostages addicted to oil.
This is where Chaney, Bush and leaders of The Fed came up with The Plan, a brilliant strategy, as you’ll learn, involving Oil, Currency and Politics that was a way for us to get back into Iraq and protect our oil interests, create trillions of dollars of profits and try to have the Iraqi Government become a Democracy and bring political stability to the region without seeming to be American Imperialists!
Chaney created a tremendous amount of fear that there was a possibility Sadam had Weapons of Mass Destruction and the US had to get back into Iraq quickly with military force and put an end to his regime. The US took this plan to the United Nations and got approval for an invasion into Iraq to stop this maniacal leader! The next thing you saw was on CNN with bombs bursting over Baghdad while the US invaded Iraq! Within a few days, we had control of the Country and had chased the Iraqi Army and Sadam underground. The rest is history, as Hollywood even showed you its rendition of The Plan in the recent movie, The Green Zone, starring Matt Damon.
You see…. they never found any WMD’s but when the US got back into Iraq we started spreading the seeds of Democracy in a Country that goes back centuries in the Bible known as Babylon and is the origin of the Garden of Eden. This country has always been violently split by three religious tribes: The Shiites, the largest of the 3 tribes, the Sunnis and Kurds that have never been able to get along. However, within 2 short years the first “democratic election” was held under US supervision and 83% of these tribes finally agreed on one thing and that was, freedom! They all risked their lives by sticking their index finger in an ink well marking themselves as a voter…..think of the magnitude of that statement!
On March 7th 2010, Iraq held its second election, this time without much US Intervention and once again over 80% of the people voted showing their thirst for freedom. After earning the un-profound distinction of being the longest interim Government in History the Parliament is now in full session and finally named Nurial Maliki, former Prime Minister, as the new PM after he had lost the popular vote back in March to his Sunni Competitor, Allawi. In the true spirit of a Coalition Government, Allawi, accepted the powerful position of President of the newly formed National Council. Maliki’s power has significantly been reduced from his last regime. Alawi will also have a veto power over any of Maliki’s proposals, which is a huge compromise and probably the reason the Kurds went along with keeping Maliki in the now somewhat “figure-head” PM position. The final details of this new democracy are finally being ironed out!

This past December the United Nations Security Council lifted the Chapter VII trade restrictions that Iraq has been under for many years that will now allow them to have Commerce with the outside world. Ladies and gentleman, this is major progress in a macro Economic event that is evolving before our very eyes!
It took nine months of “political persuasion” to form the Government, which was an absolute pre-requisite before a Revaluation of the Currency could become a reality! The Budget is in the final process of approval…However, the missing major factor is…the rate! In my opinion, the rate has been decided based on the intrinsic values of their natural resources and the amount of Dinar in circulation. It also has been approved by the CBI, IMF and the FED so now it’s a matter of getting all the “talking heads” together to decide when to pull the trigger. All you have to know is that the RV is imminent! It literally could happen in the next few days or in the next few months but it will happen and when it happens, it will affect all 4 corners of the world
There’s much Intel coming out of Iraq on a daily basis… some based on true facts and much on pure “smoke” but there’s no way that the pending Revaluation can be kept quiet as there’s just too much co-ordination and things to accomplish on multiple fronts before the “blessing” becomes a reality. However, one thing for sure is that a Democratic Iraq without economic sanctions can start constructing the infrastructure of the next international economic “super power”! As the world’s fastest emerging economy gets rolling it’ll help put an end to the world wide recession! Consider there are now over 4000 Contracts already in place from billions to millions that are ready to start! Do you think they’ll be paid with a Dinar valued at 1/10th of a Penny?
Back in December of 2009 Iraq invited the top Oil Companies of the world to come in and bid on the oil drilling rights. Long story short, Iraq received hundreds of millions from the “bid process” and then the oil companies were awarded contracts from a low bid of $1.15 a barrel to a high of $4 a barrel in various areas throughout Iraq. This means at the current price of $95 per barrel, Iraq will receive between $91 and $93.85 per barrel while the oil companies put in the infrastructure, drill the wells and lay the transmission pipelines to the ports! Iraq will benefit greatly as the price of oil escalates going forward as many countries currently hold Dinars and will become customers for decades!
It’s important to now understand who controls the outstanding Iraqi Dinars, which some estimate at 26 trillion. Actually, various countries, including the US, UK, China, Russia, etc and Central Banks around the world control approximately 55% of the total outstanding Dinars with the US is estimated to have 3.7 trillion in its coffers in D.C.! Iraq has 42% for their own internal economy while only about 3% are in the hands of speculators like us! There is much at stake here with oil and the Dinar and that is the value of the US Dollar! The FED controls the Central Banks around the World and is NOT about to give up control of the Dollar and the Dinar is their vehicle to maintain that control!
If you look at the other Gulf countries they all have thriving economies based on their oil production that has allowed them to construct magnificent architectural oasis’ in the middle of deserts. Only Iraq and Iran have been stuck in the Stone Age primarily because of their religious and political differences that have paralyzed them. The FED and US Government already know that Iran will self destruct as Iraq becomes an economic power house!
Just the development of Iraq’s basic infrastructure is enough commercial activity to give the world the “economic shot of penicillin” to lead us out of a recession and strengthen the US Dollar. Again, the Fed will not let the Euro or any other currency harm the Dollar. Imagine the economic boost just from all the individuals that’ll start spending their new found wealth!
We investors have been patiently waiting for the RV of the Iraqi Dinar. Kuwait had their own RV back in the 90’s when their Dinar went from 10 cents to over $3.30 per Dinar. Just two months ago the Kuwaiti Dinar had a Revaluation out of the clear blue as it RV’d to $3.58. This could be a major hint on the pending rate of the Iraqi Dinar as Kuwait has always said they did not want the Iraqi Dinar to be one penny than theirs!

The Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar will happen on its own time frame as it is a macro economic event that has tremendous consequences that will affect the entire world.