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RV Will Happen
2011-08-01 11:23:34
Look guys the dinar will happen its so many signs that point to the RV of the Iraqi dinar. The dinar will not LOP they will bring out 1,5,10,20,100 to make the monetary policy easier to do daily purchases . The CBI have stated that these to currencies will co-exist so that means that you cannot value one currency at one rate and the other at another rate. so set back and relax and watch the dinar RV if u don’t believe me go to the and download the document the future project of Iraq. This will show u step by step of how this will play out. This document also will show how we are in the last day’s before RV the last thing in the document is the banks sectors of Iraq and this has already happen 3 weeks ago. Check this out Iraq has now implanted tariffs to the country and the y will share the MUBRANK port with Kuwait lol do you think that if I bring in 23,000 cars from the US to Kuwait and Iraq don’t you think they will have similar currency value.