If NO NEWS is GOOD NEWS …. we are in great shape ….FREEWAY

Taking the agreed upon break deal that I made with my wonderful
friends on the boards…. I come in once each day to see what the news is for
the day.

We basically are in a holding pattern with no real news. It is
like the RV progress has stopped and we are reaching out to talk about
everything from Poofness’ long story about how the world is going to change and
then lessons to our children on returning to school.

What happened to our
sources? I can tell you that mine have clammed up and say that nothing is any
different than what it was a week ago. So, if you have ever been on a plane and
they told you that “we will be circling the airport for a while in a holding
pattern until we get permission to land” then you know that this is where we
are. We are over the airport we are going to, we were scheduled to land a long
time ago but we are delayed and are just circling aimlessly over the landing
strips below.

Keep your seatbelts fastened folks, we will be getting the
ok from Air Traffic Iraq really soon! Nothing to worry about. They cannot hold
us up here forever. ….. Once we prepare to land and you feel the digits in
your bank account going up, you will know you have landed!