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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

* SteveI Post: Peoples Dinar 8/17/11 (Ray Info)
2011-08-19 10:41:38
AUGUST 17TH, 2011 03:33 PM

Greetings all members,

Ray and I have been working on more information and finally came up with some very good news.

Ray said that Allawi will officially be given his position after Ramadan ends. This is huge news which means that the Erbil agreement will officially be set into place.

I have been told that no revaluation will take place until this is accomplished. It appears I am still correct. So please do not keep asking me if it will RV this week. I will keep telling you the answer is no. If you do not like my answer, please find another forum to satisfy your needs for a yes.

They are officially printing new money to replace the old because one of the languages was missing. Once the new printed money is in place the will officially exchange it. After the exchange period is done, it will be revalued.

Let’s all remember my previous post and I will repeat it again for you all. If there was absolutely no intention of changing the value of the currency, then why in the world would by go to all of this trouble to print new? They could have just left the old money in place and just limped along like the last 10 year or so.

I will tell you why they are printing new money and exchanging it, it is because it will increase in value as Maliki and every leader down to the spokesman for the CBI said that Iraq will have one of the strongest currencies in the region.

This is not hard to put two and two together.

It is coming so we all need to just let it happen. I keep preaching this to you but many still are getting banned over stupid negative comments which is not necessary. If you are dumb enough to get banned, do not email me for sympathy and to be let back in.

This forum provided you with straight facts and only facts. If you want rumors and entertainment then please go someplace else and enjoy yourselves.

Here is the email from Ray I received this morning:

I just wanted to give you a little update from one of my Iraqi friends I just talked to. He told me that he saw on Iraqi TV that after the feast on Aug 30 that ends Ramadan, that Allawi will officially be given his position. Parliament will probably be signing this on Sep 1. That will officially put the Erbil agreement into place once and for all. He also said that they are reprinting the new currency. They had previously printed the new currency and it was in storage and confirmed by other people I know. That currency was apparently missing one of the three languages that is being printed on the new currency. He didn’t know which language was missing but he thinks it was the Kurdish language. After this printing, the people are being told it will be distributed and they will then be required to exchange their old currency for the new. I don’t have a date for this as it wasn’t given on TV.
Things are still progressing forward and I feel we are approaching the end of this ride. Will keep you updated as I hear more.