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An Investment does not always play out in a timely fashion ~ FREEWAY BILL: Dinar Recaps 10/6/11
2011-10-07 23:39:19
(Debtarheelgirl post OOMF)

If you are like me, you are getting frustrated in how long this RV is taking, right? We have “been there” almost every weekend, it seems, for the past 6 months, right? We have had blinking backscreens, confirmed attempts to put this through, the most credible sources saying “it is over”, “this will be over by the time you wake up tomorrow”, nothing can stop it now but GOD”, and a number of other sayings that we can add to our frustration, right?

Now let me explain something that once you think about it, you will understand why I am posting this thread. Let me refer to a regular business investment ::: you get a tip from a friend with huge ties to a bank that the bank is going to be bought out which will shoot the stock through the roof (insider trading, I know, but it happens) so you run to your broker and buy as much stock as you have the money to spend, knowing that this deal is ready to go down any day and you start counting your profits immediately! Well weeks go by and nothing …. your friend tells you the meeting have been held, the agreements have all been done and they are even (the buying bank) interviewing existing employees to see if they want to keep them or not …. so it has to be going down, right? Your friend calls you on a Friday night and says “We are there” the banks have come to a rock solid agreement and both sets of stockholders have voted today (Friday) and this baby should be over by Monday morning, FOR SURE! And ….. the stock you bought for $ 5.00 per share is going to be worth $ 8.00 come Monday, FOR SURE! Wow, what a genius you are for getting in on that deal, right? Well, Monday comes and your friend calls you and says “Don’t worry, everything is going ahead, however, there was a hitch in the fact that the selling bank wanted a little more money for the stock, they are now asking for $ 10.00! And, this thing has went too far for the buying bank to turn back, so they will cave in and pay the $ 10 and this deal will take another week to draw up all of the paperwork and get it done, but hey, you made another 40% profit in one more week! No Problem…. So the week goes by and your friend calls to inform you that “this is unreal” but you are going to like it …. Now, the selling bank wants to split the stock in the process giving everyone two for one! What? You mean for the stock you paid $ 5.00 for you are going to get 2X the shares you bought and get $ 10 for each one? Rockefeller get out of your way! You are getting richer by the minute! But … now they are going to have to take it back to the buying bank board of directors to get this done. And … that meeting won’t take place for another week, but “don’t worry” because they have went too far to turn back now… Finally, after months of going through all of this, you end up quadrupling your money. You still are a genius for multiplying your money 4X in 3-4 months. That is a 400% profit!!

Now if this happened to you, you would understand. But, what we all are going through right now is no different…. This is a business deal with a blessing at the end too. Like the example, you invested money based on a tip that was credible. You watched as the deal changed week after week, month after month, year after year, right? You heard encouraging news all along the way. And… and read this very carefully, instead of dealing with a board of directors at two banks for this deal to go through, you are dealing with world leaders from many countries, a Parliament that has never done anything like this before, a Prime Minister that has a personal agenda, an absolute genius economist working the money part for you, a country with assets that are second to nobody and many other people working for their own agendas along the way. And … your investment is clear across the globe where you have to depend on rumors to try to figure out where you are. Except this time you are going to multiply your money by 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,000 times your money!!!

Now I hope that you can read this and put this whole thing in perspective. We invested our money and we are waiting for all of the stars to align for this to happen. Will it be worth it? Absolutely!!

Just ask yourself this question? If someone had come to you 7 years ago and asked you if you wanted to invest in a deal that would give you a 3,4,5 or 6,000% return on your money over 7 years, would you have done it? Sure you would have…

This all is coming to an end. We really are so very close. We really need to relax and enjoy the rest of this incredible ride. You are a part of history! Your tip indirectly came from your creator and now you need to decide how you are going to be the best steward of this money you are about to receive…

I know this was a longer read than you might have liked, but just trying to put all of this in a grounded, realistic and positive way. Sometimes, in all of the excitement, we lose sight of the reward and get wrapped up in the process so much, that it causes us to get frustrated and to start to doubt… Don’t let that happen …. See you