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Allawi calls for Maliki respond rapidly approve entitlement to the presidency of the government
2010-07-14 06:25:03

Called on the Iraqi blocled by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi’s coalition, the rule of law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a quick response to the coming hours acknowledges the premises in forming a government headed by Allawi to be able to continue the conversations with him in conjunction with indicators of a convergence of Iraq with the National Coalition headed by Ammar al-Hakim, in a time of year to Baghdad soon, the President of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani, to follow the developments in efforts to form a government and try to impose an Iranian options around.

A delegation from the Iraqi List coalition with a delegation from the state of law in Baghdad today in a crisis cabinet “and try to bring visions with emphasis on the need to continue meetings to overcome this serious crisis and the tendency to form a government long-awaited.”

Rafie al-Issawi said the Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the delegation of the Iraqi negotiators need to “invest the time factor within a period of weeks to achieve the parliament session postponed.” He added: “Our conversations are continuing with the rest of the political blocs and Atsttni one to build a strong government able to provide better for its citizens.”

For his part, said the leader of the Iraqi Salman Jumaili after the meeting, “We met today with a delegation of coalition rule of law, headed by exiled leader Khaled al-Attiya and told them about a specific message is that Iraq insists on its right of constitutional nomination of Iyad Allawi as prime minister and told them also need to respect the times the constitution and that resolved the issue of forming the government as soon as as possible. ”

He noted that the coalition of state law, “asked for time to study the list view of Iraq and we are currently waiting for a reply within the coming hours”The other options for Iraq to move … but that should not continue to form a government more than it should and there are benefits and national and popular addition to the constitutional requirements of time and must be respected.”

Participated in the meeting, government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh the president of the competencies of the coalition and the Iraqi rule of law all of Salman Jumaili and Mohamed Allawi, Mohammad Tamim. A source in Iraq that she sent a letter to the coalition asking for the rule of law determine its position towards the maturity of the Iraqi List about forming the next government. He pointed out that so far has not come to respond to the message that will be determined on the track menu option on the possibility of Iraq be completed journey with the rule of law or not.

These developments come at a time looking for committee, composed of six members of the Iraqi and the rule of law in the formulation of the government program for the future Iraqi state, regardless of the alliance or not. The two blocs have met several times since the meeting between leaders of the existing al-Maliki, Allawi for the second time in the twenty-ninth of last month, but it seems that the two sides did not reach so far into any understandings with each party holding the post of prime minister.

Earlier in the day called for Allawi and Hakim quick decisions and practical actions to address the constitutional violation resulting from the postponement of the meetings of the Council of Representatives for two weeks and seek to form a government as soon as possible. 

This came during talks between political leaders in Baghdad dealt with issues “of interest to form a government as soon as possible to move beyond the constitutional vacuum after the postponement of a parliament session that was scheduled to convene Tuesday to two weeks.”

It is emphasized the need for “a government of national partnership that respects the Constitution and the will of the voter Iraqi and peaceful transfer of authority within the democratic atmosphere,” said a news release today that meeting, which was attended by Tareq al-Hashemi, Vice President of the Republic, Mohamed Allawi, two leading figures in Iraq, and Adel Abdul Mahdi, Vice-President and Hadi al-Amiri two leading figures in the National Coalition.

Talabani: Iraq is not governed only by consensus

For his part, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, the country had no control except the national agreement, stressing the need for Iraqis to establish the principle of national partnership and the involvement of the basic components of the spectrum of Iraq and not to marginalize any of them in the country.

Talabani said during a meeting with number of members of the National Movement for Reform and Development under the flag of “Iraqi List” need to make every possible effort to get out of the current situation is futile and the transition to Iraqi national scene wide to accommodate all factions and forces and polar politics.

He assured Talabani’s deputies that the past in its efforts to reduce the areas of controversy and widen the circle of communication and understanding between the political blocs to form a government partnership and genuine national deepen national reconciliation and unity row, especially the experience of Iraq’s democratic test to the fateful where you need to put the interests of the country above all the narrow interests It also quoted him as a presidential press statement received “Elaph” copy today.

The source in the presidency said on Monday that Talabani asked the Federal Supreme Court clarification on whether the three presidencies over its legitimacy, including the presidency or not, is it possible to restore the parliamentary elections, pointing out that Talabani was upset very announcement of the postponement meeting of the Council of Representatives for two weeks and the consequences that may result from it. Talabani’s office denied the request back and re-election and suggested that he take permission opinion of the Board of the Supreme Judicial Council’s continued legitimacy of the presidential duties with political and constitutional crisis that has afflicted the country at present.

The Iraqi constitution mandates that the President of the Republic at the invitation new Council of Representatives to convene within 15 days of the court’s endorsement of federal election results should be the new council be chosen at the first meeting as Chairman and two Vice-Presidents and an absolute majority of the members of the House and through the election by direct secret ballot, and then the Council House of Representatives during a maximum period of thirty days after the election of the President and the latter to within 15 days after his election candidate commissioned the largest bloc in the House of Representatives to form a government and a Prime Minister-designate thirty days to complete the task, if not successful president assigns people an alternative to it.

But all this did not happen as a result of the continuing disagreements political blocs to ask to postpone the meetings of the Council of Representatives for a period of two weeks from Tuesday.

Larijani in Baghdad to follow up dialogues to form a government

Deputy State law for a coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said the president of the Iranian Shura Council Ali Larijani visited close to Iraq.

The deputy said Khaled al-Asadi “The Shura Council Chairman Ali Larijani will visit in the coming days to Iraq and conducting interviews with a number of Iraqi politicians,” asserting that “the main purpose of the visit is to see the political situation in Iraq,” he says.

The Asadi that “the meetings to be held by Iran with Iraqi officials will also discuss the issue of oil wells between the two countries in addition to the political situation in Iraq and the question of forming the government, which is one of the priorities of Iran as a neighbor neutral with the longest common border with Iraq,” according to the agency quoted him as “Alsumaria News” in Iraq.

He said that al-Asadi, “Larijani’s visit is expected to strengthen the important ties between Iraq and Iran,” while emphasizing that “it is too soon to know whether Iran holds proposals to resolve the crisis in the formation of the government, as some believe.”

The Ali Larijani, who was born in the Iraqi city of Najaf in 1958, leading Iranian political, and holds degrees in mathematics and information and a Ph.D. in Western philosophy, and was in before taking his current position as President of the Iranian Shura Council (parliament) as Iran’s chief negotiator in the files related to national security and program Iranian nuclear program.

The Iraqi List, confirmed on Tuesday that it had received reports of a visit by the President of the Shura Council, Ali Larijani, to Baghdad to discuss the formation of the government and push a candidate for prime minister of a coalition of law and national levels after bring them together, saying at the same time that political solutions for the integration of coalitions will bear fruit after Astnfztha Tehran earlier.

These developments come in sync with a constitutional crisis looming in the country, especially with the agreement of the political blocs on Monday that, to the breach of the deadline set by the Constitution to elect the President of the Republic through the parliament session that was scheduled for Tuesday and asked the President ended his mandate from the Iraqi judiciary to express an opinion constitutionality of the next phase because there is no legal provision refers to how to deal with it.