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Leadership in the State of Law: A Breakthrough Initiative to Form a Government Will Be Announced Soon, the National Coalition
2010-07-14 12:36:39

Stressed the leadership of the coalition of the rule of law Qassim Attiya Jubouri that there is a sign of hope for easing the crisis will be announced by the National Coalition and produce the formation of a national government before the end of a period of two weeks.

Jubouri said in a telephone conversation with (Iraqi News Agency Information / INA) that the period after the parliament session without reaching to the formation of a national partnership will see Iraq’s political crisis, a large and complex will be negative outcome for everyone.

Indicating that the political landscape is currently complex and political blocs are at a standstill because everybody can assert a claim and Bchksyate Aibdoa and that there are signs of easing of this crisis.

He is likely to be Buadrhal crisis and through the Iraqi National Coalition in the coming days, where There was a discussion determined to nominate a candidate to form a national coalition government during the coming period will thaw the remaining issues in the case of a breakthrough this crisis will be reached to form a government during the remaining period to the next session of parliament.

He said in either case that the subject of prime minister in the Iraqi National Coalition, things will worsen and become the political landscape more complicated and will live in Iraq, a constitutional vacuum and political great and will have a crisis to great consequences.

Pointing out that the political leadership have the capacity and efficiency and the political will to spare the country of this crisis provided to drift away from external pressures and other influences and are working to Put the interests of the country in its sights under the elections and not look back.