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Mohammed Allawi: Iraq’s chances to form the government became 90%
2010-07-16 10:18:52

Artvgt fortunes of Iraq in a lottery policy in Baghdad to reach paper lotteries to 90% of the Fortune political words Allantib in the Iraqi List, Mohammed Allawi, who said in a telephone conversation with the (Agency now) the chances of Allawi to form a cabinet rose to 90 & with the chances of Maliki prime minister has become very weak after the dismissal of the National Coalition, and confirm their rejection of Maliki’s nomination for a second term.

“Said Allawi, the agency that the talks are underway with the Iraqi National Coalition and the Kurdistan Alliance to form a government of national partnership.” Stressing that “the Iraqi awaiting a final response to the position of the rule of law in its candidacy for prime minister and Iraq’s recognition of the interest form the next government.

He explained that the crisis could be resolved to form a government within a week or two at most, adding that the chances of forming the Iraqi government today are up to 90%. ”