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League supports the exit Iraq from Chapter VII
2010-07-16 13:21:58

Cairo: A senior official at the Arab League said on Thursday that the university supports the efforts of the Iraqi government to emerge from Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which imposes obligations since the invasion of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein of Kuwait in 1990.

The head of the Office of the Secretary General of the League, Hisham Yussef, “There are negotiations to work out how out of Iraq from Chapter VII, and we support that.”

Youssef said, “We support the Iraqi effort to lift the sanctions and see that there is a possibility to achieve this, including taking into account the interests and concerns of the parties concerned.”

It is known that Kuwait conflict so far, efforts to get Iraq out of Alaltzmat imposed by the Security Council after the invasion and they need this week, a statement by the representative of Iraq at the University of Qays al-Azzawi, which attributed the mechanism to the legitimacy of the Security Council, the demarcation of the border of Iraq – Kuwait, which took place according to the chapter in question.