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Iraqi Dinar
2010-07-17 13:25:37

So, I’ve chosen to make a simple post detailing what I was going to say in chat today. A lot has taken place over the past days and I’ve tried my best to catch up on all the news coming out of Iraq. It appears that the political arena is getting a bit of a shake down! This is wonderful for us, in my opinion, as well as the Iraqi people.

Many of you know little history of the Iraqi war. When Maliki took office he wasn’t the United States leading man, however we had to appease certain demographics in order to deter the civil war that broke out at that time. Allowing Maliki into his position was a concession and obviously a rather bad one. A little while back it was written that Maliki was involved in the attempt to destroy contracts to cover up his corruption and in the past days it has been revealed that there was another bombing against the CBI… It leads one to wonder…..

Economic experts from within Iraq as well as foreign economic advisors in place by the United Nations have been going over the Iraqi economic policies with a fine toothcomb in the past weeks. Many have seen the recent article complaining about the lack of growth of the IQD. The CBI implemented a mechanism geared to raise the value of the Iraqi Dinar in stages, yet they haven’t went to the final stage of allowing it to float against the global market, thus creating it to level off at its current rate.

Much of this is assumed to be the fault of the old administration, and it would be extremely difficult to argue against the theory seeming how Maliki is covered in corruption.

A few weeks ago the Queen of England gave a speech to the United Nations. The speech itself wasn’t of any importance, however her making an appearance for the first time since 1956 has huge implications as to what else took place behind closed doors given the current state of the European Unions current economic stance. I mentioned to few at the time that her appearance was odd and certainly spoke volumes. Then a few days ago the Pope actually sends a message for Iraq to form a government. The Vatican doesn’t speak unless it has a personal relationship with the situation. If you follow global politics you will rightly understand just how great these two occurrences are to our investment. I was rather stunned when I saw that the Pope followed the Queen on this one and I personally think that the Queen went to see about her investment, so to speak. This may seem far-fetched, however it isn’t. I simply just don’t have the time to explain the details and history leading up to my method in thinking this.

Iraq is coming upon a deadline. I will be floored if it extends past the deadline, however anything is possible and they’ve already shown a disregard for their Constitution. It is still my belief that Allawi will form the government, as I have stated all along.

I do believe we are watching history unfold before our eyes, and at the same time they are taking forever to write their history. We’ve been on the edge of the RV for months and nearly a year come this November. I certainly pray it doesn’t see November’s date and according to what I’m hearing I believe we will see it before then, but we never know what will happen with Iraq next.

What we do know is that the Iraqi government is no longer in absolute control of their outcome. The UN/IMF has stepped in and have taken control back. Now we must see just how soon they will make this happen.