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The coming days will witness a surprise for all Iraqis
2010-07-18 15:28:23

Anbar, July 18 ( Akaniwz ) – The secretary-general of the Movement of the sons of Mesopotamia and the leader of the Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi , today, Sunday, that the coming days will witness a surprise for all Iraqis through a national project Sizaraly the political arena with a view to unite all parties and to accelerate the formation of the Iraqi government He stressed that the list will not ignore the constitutional rights of reply.

Salam al- Zobaie told Kurdistan News ( Akaniwz ) The ” national project Sizaraly Iraqi arena in the next few days with a view to unite and renounce their differences and to accelerate the formation of the Government of national partnership . ”

The Zobaie that “the list place the rights of the Kurds as a top priority despite the absence of a clear position for the rest of blocks in this regard, it can not ignore the Kurdish rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution, and to building state institutions, the Federal pluralism where no distinction is made between this component or that ” .

The Zobaie that “the attitude of the Iraqi National List is clear from the inauguration of President Jalal Talabani for a second term and we support him with all our strength to fill that position. ”

He Zobaie that ” if it continued blocs vying for power position convulsive , the House will not sit idly by and there will be a situation that might surprising everyone in the next few days, and perhaps shocked many people , “stressing that “the Iraqi people can not be waiting for the tide among the lists I therefore appeal to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan , headed by President Talabani to put an end to that , because of the ongoing farce will not be counted is freely chosen by the Iraqi people or aspire to. ”

The Zobaie predicted that “the coming days will see a joint effort to strengthen the authority of the Iraqi people, which is the largest and most noble than personal interests, and factional and partisan gains . ”

The results of legislative elections in March resulted in the progress of the Iraqi National List led by Iyad Allawi, by obtaining 91 seats , followed by a list of coalition rule of law, Prime Minister Nuri al -Maliki to 89 seats, National Alliance 70 seats, the Kurdistan Alliance 43 seats.

The Office of the elections in Iraq has announced that the number of seats for the winning blocs remained unchanged, after a manual recount in Baghdad , which lasted 12 days , following the appeal lodged by a coalition of law the current government led by Prime Nuri al-Maliki and accepted by the Appeals Chamber of the Office.

A statement issued by the Federal Court that the term ( parliamentary bloc, the most numerous ) means : either bloc , which won elections through the electoral roll for one, entered the elections on behalf of the number recruited and earned a number most of the seats, or cluster , built from two or more of the electoral lists Which entered the elections with the names and different numbers and then united in a single block with a single entity in the House of Representatives , whichever is more numerous , is being president of the republic candidate parliamentary bloc, which has become their seats in the first meeting of the House of Representatives over a number of the cluster or clusters other formation of the Council of Ministers on the basis of The provisions of Article (76) of the Constitution.

He insists coalition Iraqi (91 -seat ) that the text refers to the list of winning the election, is a coalition of state law (89 seat ) that the text means any farm that may arise as a result of a merger or alliance any of the blocks winner after the election, has angered the leaders of Iraq , who Regarded as a coup against democracy and the elections and constitutional

The country has seen since the announcement of the Federal Court for ratification of the election results on 1 June last mobility politically, between blocks four winners in the elections to form a government , but these blocks have not succeeded until now in agreement on the formation of the government because of disagreements on legal block that will be charged to head the government Future .