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UN Has Set a Meeting in Order to Discuss the New Government Formation in Iraq
2010-07-19 14:44:45

Monday, July 19th 2010 6:11 PM

Baghdad, July 18 (AKnews) – The general secretary representative of the United Nations (UN) has announced to Iraq that the UN has scheduled to set a meeting to discuss the current political situations in Iraq at the beginning of the next month.

“The UN has planned to set a meeting for shedding a light on the political situation and the new government formation in Iraq on Aug.4th, 2010,” Add Melkert reported in a press conference with the Iraqi vice-president,” Roj Nuri Shawez in Baghdad.

“The Iraqi political parties buried 30 days without ending their feud and reaching an agreement for the new government formation in Iraq,” Melkert said.

The UN wants to offer its views based on the winning Iraqi political parities’ requirements in Iraq, he noted.

“We have pushed the Iraqi winning parties to form the new government as soon as possible,” Shawez noted.

Regarding the shaping of governments between al-Iraqia list and the State of Law (SOL), he added “the new government will be shaped based on the national accords rather than dividing the main state positions among the winning political blocs in Iraq.”

The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) of Iraq issued the final results of March 7 parliamentary votes in which Allawi’s al-Iraqia list secured 91 parliamentary seats and Maliki’s SOL won 89 seats as well as the Iraqi National Alliance (INA) which obtained 70 seats and Kurdistan Alliance won 57 seats.

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