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Al-Iraqiya: “Allawi will convey a letter today to Al-Maliki over formation of government.”
2010-07-20 09:51:19

Baghdad, July 20 (AKnews) – Al-Iraqiya List confirmed on Tuesday that the leader of the list, Iyad Allawi, would transfer during a meeting with the outgoing Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki, a letter containing what has been agreed upon in Damascus between the Head of Sader Movement and the leader of Al-Iraqiya list over the formation of the government.

“Al-Iraqiya Leader, Iyad Allawi, will transfer to Al-Maliki a message today concerning the formation of the government,” noting that “the meeting today will be different from the rest of the meetings held between the two sides,” Al-Iraqiya Member, Fattah Al-Sheikh, said.

“Al-Maliki has used in the previous meetings, Al-Iraqiya List as a pressure point against the Iraqi National alliance (INA), but Al-Iraqiya had taken the legitimacy from Muqtada Al-Sadr to go forward to form the government,” he said.

“The message that will be addressed to Al-Maliki may carry in its content that the post of prime minister would not be his share,” Al-Sheik said.

“The meeting was supposed to take place yesterday evening upon Allawi’s arrival to Baghdad,” noting that “the State of Law had requested the postponement to this day,” he added.

The Head of Al- Iraqiya List, Iyad Allawi, and the Leader of the Sadrist Movement met yesterday, July 19, in Damascus, to discuss the mechanisms and to end the problems among all the blocs, while Allawi confirmed that Al-Iraqiya List was ready to make concessions, in order to ease the crisis of the prime minister’s post.

The first session of the Iraqi Parliament was convened last June 14 and it was limited to the performance of the collective members to the oath after the announcement of the new legislative term, the Executive Authority members were excluded from the sworn, including the Prime Minister, his two deputies and the Vice Presidents.

The winning political blocs in the election haven’t reached so far to solutions for the purpose of forming the government, while the dispute is now over the eligibility of the authorized party to form the government under the insistence of more than one party of that right, according to election results and the interpretation of Article 76 of the Iraqi Constitution.

Sa/SH (AKnews)