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State of Law: National Alliance, al-Iraqiya and Kurdistan Alliance Will Share the Governance of the Country
2010-07-20 12:45:54

Baghdad, July 20 (AKnews) – “The National Alliance will agree on the candidate for the Prime Minister’s post within the next few days and this will help in completing the bases of the triangle along with Kurdistan Alliance and al-Iraqiya which will participate in governing the country,” says a member in the State of Law led by Nuri al-Maliki.

“The National Alliance will name its candidate for the Prime Minister’s post and this will help in completing the other bases of the triangle with Kurdistan Alliance and al-Iraqiya,” Abbas al-Bayyati said on Tuesday.

“State of Law coalition does not have a hidden agenda, the dialogues and negotiations with the other blocs are for the nation’s sake… The biggest parliamentary bloc today is the National Alliance… Al-Iraqiya list and Kurdistan Alliance will form the other two sides of the triangle”, he added.

“The negotiations within the Alliance are still ongoing but in two ways: the first is with all its parties, and the second is the bilateral one through the consultations with other parties,” Bayyati said, noting that “the purpose of State of Law is to control the time.”

“The rule will be built on a triangle base with the participation of the National Alliance, al-Iraqiya, and Kurdistan Alliance …. The media leaking is not for the benefit of the political process and may lead to stalled negotiations between the political blocs.”

“Despite the slowdown and the few meetings between the parties of the National Alliance, it can name the candidate for the Prime Minister’s post before the deadline”, he confirmed.

The heads of the parliamentary blocs decided to postpone the next parliamentary meeting for two more weeks, after their failure in reaching an agreement about the posts in the next government, although four months after the legislative elections.

Rn/ae AKnews