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marcod Post: Just4Dinar (Things Are in Order, Just Hold On)
2010-07-21 18:39:08

Last post for today.

Things are definitely hot right now. I know that we have all been waiting inpatiently but I say hold on just a bit longer. A little bit)

Iraq although a bit rough has managed to overcome many hurdles in the recent year to get us closer to RV.

As it relates to chapter VII this will come soon, and the RV. We all know that we have been hinging on the formation of the government or at least the seating of it. We know how crooked the officials and GOI has been. But I say that this is comming to a close within the week. RV…. in August. Hopefully earlier in August. However Ramadan will not effect when the RV happens. The rest of the world does not participate in this event only portions. This is a worldwide issue.

As I have said before, the GOI is not going to be corncerned as much with payments to creditors, suppliers, or whiners that say they are owed money (Not trying to make fun of them, the people or in a bad circumstance), so the inferrance that they will be sure to pay GE on time is not a clear indicator of an RV. They will not pay them, end of story. There will be late fee associated with the payment when they do have the money and this late fee will be negotiated away.

Now with seating of Government this should come very soon. I would now even lean to say within 2 days we will have concrete names and agreements to be able to move forward. This comes in light of the meeting with Sadr who is strong in the INA. the Sadrist and ISCI was basically the strength of Maliki since SOL only recieved 89 votes and Allai beat him. Well they don’t like Maliki. I don’t think some like Jafaari. They dont even like Allawi, but according to Sadr, Allawi makes the most sense overall and we have to look at the fact that Allawi’s platform is one of conssessions for everybody. He is promising to include everybody. The key words for Sadr is that “the meeting was “FRUITFUL”, meaning that there was something that was born from this meeting. SOmething tangeable. It is very akward to me but Sadr seemed to make a lot of sense in my opinion and was still painfully honest in his display of hatred for the Americans. Hey, I trust this guy. Sadr big concern is that he doesnt want the US/UN to force their hand which could ultimately leave them out of power completely. He and many others understand that if Allawi is PM that they will at least get to share in some of the decision making and power but it is obscure of what will happen if the UN has to decide.

Within the next two days, look for a legitamate alliance between INA, the Kurds, and the List with the the three main posistions in place as called by Allawi (Allawi, Talibani, and HAqusotha whatever as speaker)

It is possible that the same day of the seating or acceptance that the RV may happen. It will not be a waiting process because everyone has agreed on Iraq meeting conditions of lifting the chapter VII, (although they didnt but this is more about the global economy now, not ethics ) Look for this to happen all in one day.

I know I have said that the UN will step in and it will happen before but this was prior to the meeting with Sadr. Now I have to retract my words and give a date of RV NLT Aug 3rd. I believe it will be before then.