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Maliki is heading to abandon the prime minister in favor of Hussein al-Shahristani
2010-07-25 12:19:40

Science center that Mr. Nuri al-Maliki studied in recent days with the idea of a number of his associates to withdraw from the competition for the premiership in favor of the Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani.

Preparation for this move by Maliki being in isolation from the leadership of the Dawa Party, which comes in the context of understandings of old had taken place early in 2006, when he moved Shahristani confidential, and strong with the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to remove al-Jaafari for prime minister.

The suggestion that Maliki had refused to give up his holding onto power in favor of Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, who had brought him to the prime minister after his abdication as a candidate for winning United Iraqi Alliance.

And advised some of the personalities Maliki to resort to this option, which can contribute to the solution of the crisis, as it would be a historic position as recorded in its favor, but he refused to adopt this proposal and insisted on adherence to the Prime Ministry.

Maliki also rejected the idea of examining an alternative candidate from his Dawa party, and declined to hold meetings of the party leadership to discuss this topic.

According to information obtained by the center, the al-Maliki surprised the leadership of the Dawa party of his decision at a later date after having exhausted all means to stay in power.