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Iraq with the United Nations sign a development program is the first of its kind
2010-08-07 12:27:06
Sotal-Iraq News – (Voice of Iraq) – 7 August 2010
(Voice of Iraq) – BAGHDAD – WASHINGTON

Signed by Iraq and the United Nations an agreement to strengthen efforts towards addressing and achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 within the awareness campaign launched by the International Organization with the Iraqi government to raise awareness and promote among members of the Iraqi people and decision makers at national and international level .

The UN mission in Iraq, UNAMI, the issuance of a joint report today from the Iraqi government and the United Nations talks on the progress made towards achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals in Iraq in a number of areas, namely the reduction of hunger , child mortality, promoting gender equality . But the report showed slower progress Made in vital areas such as primary education , unemployment and access to safe water and reliable sanitation services.

The report pointed out that a quarter of Iraqis are still suffering from poverty, where the rate of spending less than 2500 Iraqi dinars , equivalent to (2.2 U.S. dollars) per person per day , indicating that the rate of unemployment among young people is currently at 30 %, which is twice the national average .

The report said that in spite of improved economic conditions after the fall of the former regime in April 2003 with a notably high levels of pay for staff in the Iraqi state , who number about 2.2 million employees as well as increasing the salaries of retirees , who number more than a million people , as well as the allocation of wages Symbolic of the poor families and the unemployed, these measures were able to reduce the high poverty rates in Iraq before the year 2003, but it has faltered in achieving greater progress because of the high rates of corruption , especially in a salary of Social Welfare.

The two sides agreed to strengthen efforts towards addressing the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by the year 2015 , the deadline set internationally to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, with particular attention to reducing the gaps between rural and urban areas.

The undersecretary said the Iraqi Ministry of Planning Sami when after Iraq’s decades of economic stagnation and declining access to basic services due to wars , sanctions and conflict , it is not there a better way of achieving the Millennium Development Goals for a better life for millions of Iraqi people achieve security and prosperity in Iraq.

For its part, said Christine McNab of the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq, including the Millennium Development Goals for Iraq, a group of Key standards for a better future for this country and his people as it comes to support for Iraq during the coming years in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in the forefront of the priorities of the United Nations because that would ensure a better life for millions of Iraqis, including those who Sisnon the future of Iraq , namely, youth and children. ”

She McNab that he will work over the next five years closely with the Iraqi government and key partners, including civil society , academia and the private sector in promoting the Millennium Development Goals and to raise awareness about the importance of achievement in line with the priorities of Iraq’s national .

The report said an agreement 189 of the leaders of Member States of the United Nations on a vision for the future is to live in a world of lower rates of poverty, hunger and disease are the chances of survival greater for mothers and their babies .. and a world in which children are better educated and in which women the opportunity to a world of A healthy environment where countries developed and developing countries in close partnership to achieve prosperity for all.

This vision formed the basis for the Millennium Development Goals, which Member States committed themselves to achieving by 2015. The findings, entitled ” Millennium Development Goals in Iraq, ” the first of its kind in Iraq and is part of the awareness campaign launched by the United Nations and the Government of Iraq to spread awareness and promotion of members of the Iraqi people and decision makers at the national level and international actors about the importance of the Millennium Development Goals as part of development efforts Agreed upon in the framework of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework , which was signed last May.