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Hill Ends His Mission in Iraq as U.S. Ambassador: Expresses Confidence in Formation of Government
2010-08-07 13:18:45

TIDBIT: Found and posted by Carol

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Christopher Hill, the political situation in Iraq Palmakd compared to other countries, adding that U.S. officials will continue to visit Iraq in order to help find a solution to form a government, he expressed confidence to form a government in the coming days.

Hill said during a press conference held in Baghdad at the end of his mission in Iraq “The new ambassador in Baghdad, will take over his duties next week, after congressional approval for U.S. him,” noting that “will leave Iraq, leaving behind a lot of work and tasks before the new ambassador highlighted in building the relationship between the Governments of the two countries and their peoples in various fields. ”

Hill added that “his report, the State Department on the occasion of the end of work has been done so far, because of the multiplicity of issues in the political arena in Iraq,” noting that “the Government had started to build an economic relationship with Iraq was to send delegations of U.S. investment for the advancement of the Iraqi economy through investment in all areas. ”

Hill said that “his diplomatic career, asking him to work as an ambassador to the United States in a number of countries in the world, but he did not see the U.S. embassy are working continuously Kambassarp in Baghdad as a result of complex political situation that Iraq is going through,” asserting that “the political process in Iraq is very complex and in accordance with the standards World in other countries. ”

The U.S. ambassador in Baghdad was confident “the ability of Iraqi political blocs to reach a solution to form a government and out of the crisis in the country,” without setting a deadline to form, calling for political blocs to “continuing the dialogue to reach a solution satisfactory to everyone.”

He added that “U.S. officials are interested in a solution to a successful exit from the crisis of the formation of the Iraqi government, in order to build a strong relationship with them meet the needs of both countries within the Strategic Framework Agreement”, and expressed confidence “to form a government in the coming days.” Without setting a date for its formation.