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Coalition confirms the wise : Allawi’s coalition
2010-08-11 11:43:28
Sotal-Iraq News – (Voice of Iraq) – 08/11/2010

(Voice of Iraq) – Baghdad:

According to a member of the Iraqi National Alliance leader of the Supreme Council of Islamic Acharar Firat , that the leaders of the Iraqi National List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi are not opposed to taking a candidate from the coalition to head the government expected .

He noted that the Iraqi bloc seem greater flexibility during their dialogues with the National Coalition of them with the rule of law shown by a coalition of atherosclerosis.

He said the National Coalition has the candidates are able to efficiently run the country with a government program, the work load of Riser stage as well as the ability to build relationships with the surrounding Arab and regional levels and return Iraq to the two oceans .

Shara said that if the medic continued rule of law , led by Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki to adhere to the latter a candidate for the government, the National Coalition would use its right to consult with the mass of Iraq and the Kurdistan Alliance to form a government of national partnership and real. He pointed out that adherence to Maliki sole candidate of a coalition of law was a major cause of the delays in the government formation process.

The coalitions are the national and state law were announced in May (May ) last of the Alliance called it – the National Alliance – to form a larger mass is eligible to form a new government, but maintained Maliki’s nomination of the mandate of the second , collided and still reject the National Coalition , which stopped the dialogues between the coalitions Who are facing the collapse of the Thalhma officially.

And the same level, “said independent MP, Sabah al-Saadi Nuri al-Maliki has become a personal rejected because it represents the depth of the crisis in the government work Almthip mandate. He said in a press statement today that the National Coalition seemed to activate the rest of the political blocs after adherence to the rule of law and there Maliki ’s deliberations and discussions with Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan to choose a candidate acceptable. He said there was U.S. pressure to an alliance between Iraq and the state of law, but their alliance far.

He said – we want to get into concessions from the candidates -.. He said that the National Coalition has more than one candidate is put forward Ibrahim al-Jaafari by the Sadrists and Adel Abdul Mahdi, by the Supreme Islamic Council .

He said he will display the alliance’s candidate on the political forces and if they coincided on one or the other , it would be an acceptable candidate for prime minister. He said the Iraqi bloc in the event that it fails to form a government , it is ready to support the National Coalition candidate for prime minister and so will the votes of between 180 to 190 the number of deputies of the belg 325.

Mr Allawi said in his statements that he was ready to give up running for the presidency of the government but does not accept assignment of the Iraqi list of winning the recent elections for the formation of the new government. In the same context, said Prince Kanani cluster head of the Ahrar, the Sadrist movement is a component of the National Coalition was no time for additional coalition of state law to find a candidate other than al-Maliki as prime minister. He added that the National Coalition will not give al-Maliki another chance after giving a full week ended yesterday to put forward a candidate for prime minister from a coalition of law.

He stressed that the National Coalition will be directed towards the Iraqi List , which began with the dialogues are important and serious as well as the Kurdistan Alliance , pointing out that this alliance will call the remaining blocks , including the rule of law to participate in the government. These developments come at a time when the delegation of the coalition forces continue talks with the leaders of Kurdish political blocs opposed the project will ensure that 20 points on the formation of the Government and the conditions for an alliance with other political blocs .

Examined the head of the delegation Kurdish Deputy Prime Minister Nuri Shaways with the President of the National Coalition Ammar al -Hakim, the latest developments on the Iraqi political arena – to Assadia security and political direction of the dialogues and meetings between various Iraqi political forces to form a government – as he said a press statement from the meeting. The two sides stressed the need for resolving the current crisis and end the political and security vacuum which the country is living through the rapid establishment of the government.

For his part, called the Islamic Dawa Party , led by Maliki, the Iraqi people of all classes and components to strengthen his brethren, and national unity – and to stand firmly against anyone who seeks to disturb their brethren, the construction unit described by criminal and terrorist acts committed in accordance with scheme malignant targets the present and future of Iraq -. Said in a statement to – Elaph – he looks forward to fruitful negotiations and dialogues between the political blocs to form a strong government based coherent basis of competence and experience and based on genuine partnership between all the components to build a prosperous Iraq security .

Ashour : Continuing Maliki to power cuts of the next government

Adviser to the accused the Iraqi List Hani Ashour Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to continue in power at the expense of the next government and said he was detached from this government about a year , which would affect the performance of the Chairman due to inadequate term that can be done by the programs or programs of mass politics.

Ashour stressed the need for a specific period to form a government can not be overcome and that the constitutional electoral eligibility criterion is formed because the crisis will remain open to endlessly on this case . He said the alliance between the national coalitions and the state of the law and this case will not be able to choose an acceptable candidate did not want to recognize the right of the Iraqi cabinet on the other hand it means that the crisis is open.

He added that the next elections will end in 2014 because the election law is ready and not Kalmrp previous age , which means that the next government will be about 3 years only. He said in a statement received a copy of it today to delay the vote and then vote count and the subsequent objections and re- tellers request a coalition of law was meant to buy time for more time as possible so that al-Maliki to continue in power was achieved was left of the life of the next government, only 3 Years.

He noted that any agreement on the formation of the Iraqi government even if this week will not be forming a government which will begin its work until the end of this year over what will come from differences over the cabinet formation and subsequent problems – all this takes place , the Parliament is disabled and the government operating without any control with The approach of the organization of the budget for next year, which must now be discussed in parliament , which means that the Maliki government will control to the end of this year, even if it were agreed on another person to head the government -.

He said any new prime minister will be to Aeetmkn to implement its program in full will delay the formation of the government has a sword hanging over it since it now because Maliki had taken the life of the next government nearly a year without parliamentary control means that the head the next government will face a barrage of difficult problems that will not Find a way to resolve what will be the coalition of law is the sole beneficiary of the delay.