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Primetime CNN(Rumor from another site)
2010-08-12 16:17:37

I was watching Primetime CNN last night and Wolf Blitzer was interviewing Gen. James Jones (Ret) who is the National Security Advisor for Obama.

This is the Obama cabinet guy that is head guy over US involvement in Iraq. Obama called a cabinet meeting yesterday because Obama wanted to know the status of things.

Wolf and Jones talked about the drawdown of US troops and that the number of troops will be down to 50,000 at the end of August 2010 (this month).

Jones confirmed.

Jones said that also all combat troops will be out of Iraq at the end of 2011.

Then Wolf asked Jones about how Iraq could operate without a government, Jones replied that Iraq has a government but it is an interim government until the new government is in place.

Wolf ask Jones when will the new government be put in place. Jones replied: “It will happen soon”.

Wolf then asked Jones that that was a vague answer and Jones replied: “In a couple of weeks”.

Wolf again asked if he could be more specific. Jones replied: “before the end of next month”.