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2010-08-12 17:10:26

I know some of you will think this is insane, but I have a different take on this. I too believe that the players have already been selected, and are waiting for a certain date to seat offically to the world. There has been several statements, most recent from cnn, allawi about september 10th. I believe this might be the date, and has been there target date all along. Now heres where I think it might be influenced by our current goverment. It would be a great time for the President, as well as the democratic party if it was around this date. When I heard that O'bama might meet with Amid a din a job ( I know I did not spell it right) in September that kinda clicked in my head that he is setting this up. If President O'bama sits with (iran), and perceives to have orchristrated the GOI seating, then he would look to be a strong Foriegn Policy Leader in the eyes of the public. Now once seated, the RV would be announced, and if it was lets say 3.22-3.86, then there would be alot of new millionaires all over the world. Now most people invested would be buying homes, starting new businesses, etc., which in turn would start stimulating the Economy. The first month October, would see a spike everywhere in the US. The second month Nov would be even greater. Maybe this is why O'bama is shoving all these new stimulous bills and healhcare, cause he knows that he can say "See my plan is working". I know this might be out there, but I'm sure he remebers just before the Pesidential Election September he got a big spike when the the Economy took a big dive. McCain could not recover in time. This would help the democratic party the same way. This to me is why the rv has dragged out. If the rv was early like april, it would give the republicans time to fight the point that it was Bush, and the Republican side who delivered this blessing, therefore it would weaken the impact in november for the democratic side. I may be wrong about this, but when I heard bidden talk about Iraq, and how it would be good for us, he was very much against the war, and for him to be smiling from ear to ear, something stinks. If you step back, and think about it, it fits like any other scenario. Most americans have no idea of this investment, so they wont put it together. Maybe biden was sent in July to prime it for O'bama to save the day in September. Ok let the bashing begin!