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2010-09-09 11:10:02

Let me explain this very clear and simple. In my opinion, despite the amazing logic presented by those who are very educated, or “trained”, in their logic, to share their opinion about the “lifting of the 3 zeroes”, we will NOT see a “LOP”, or a “LOP/RV”.

Here are my reasons why:

1) a “LOP” scenario has NEVER been done in the history of the world wherein there was not “stagflation” (i.e. inflation running out of control). And no, Iraq does NOT have inflation running out of control. NO, there isn’t currency being printed right and left like some have surmised in order to create the sense of “stagflation”. I guarantee the US, IMF, and UN are completely aware of exactly every dinar that has been printed. To suggest this only serves the purposes of those who would try and incite, confuse, and otherwise bring doubt in the minds of investors.

2) Iraq is in debt to the WORLD, more specifically the US. It is both required and needed that Iraq has a valuable, world-recognized currency that is “on par” with the rest of the world’s leading currencies.

3) In order to “lift” 3 zeroes of Iraq’s currency WITHOUT raising the value to maintain par value against what is taken out of circulation would create an even larger problem. Can you imagine now driving around truckloads of dinar to purchase a hot dog? That’s what you’d get in the scenario painted by those who espouse a “LOP” or “LOP/RV” theory. Here’s an example… Let’s say a hot dog is worth $3 in Iraq. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll say that $1 = 1,000 IQD. That means you’d have to bring 3,000 individual 1 Dinar bills in order to purchase a hot dog (or 6 500 Dinar bills), as the value wouldn’t have changed. IMO, there is no way they will keep the currency wherein 3 zeroes are simply dropped with no value increase. This is more far-fetched than ALL the “OPINIONS” shared by those who stand on the lonely soapbox of “LOP” and “LOP/RV”.

4) The US has spent over a TRILLION dollars in Iraq. We have been told time and again the war would pay for itself. How can that possibly happen with a “LOP” or “LOP/RV”? It can’t! The ONLY way the US can recover its “investment” into Iraq is through a revaluation of Iraq’s currency.

5) Obama has made a promise that 1/2 of the US deficit would be gone by 2013. How is that remotely possible? Where is he looking to bail him out? As we all know, he does follow through with his promises that are high profile (i.e. US Troops leaving versus working with Iraq to extend like their people have requested). I believe he will make good on that promise in 2013. Why that year? Why wait until 2013? BECAUSE will be the very platform he will use to RE-RUN FOR PRESIDENT. He will be able to pay it off by the end of this year, but he won’t, because it won’t serve HIS purposes yet. Get it?! You should all know by now, especially in this investment… everything is political. There is no altruism in the world of running goverments and building kingdoms for the leaders of the world. We create such fabrications in OUR heads because we want to believe good in others.

6) The world’s markets need an infusion. The “Plan” was to always “bleed” the world, gain greater control over the banks AND governments of the world, then “replenish” what was lost and spent through a simple reconfiguring of the system to suit the needs of those in charge. That has all been accomplished, and it’s now time to fill up again.

7) WE have always been part of the plan to “stimulate the economies” of the world once again. Believe it or not, we won’t NOT know about this unless we were a necessary evil being used to bring this about. The idea of so many new multi-millionaires entering the market would normally bother the “powers that be”, except for this one thing… they’ve already taken out as many or more of the “old” money and millionaires WITH the “bleed”. Now, they too are maneuvering the money in such a way that they restock even that segment of the population. Yes, they need people like us spending money and creating jobs for others. It’s all part of the system. It’s all part of the plan. It’s all part of the “greatest redistribution of wealth the world has ever known”.

So, take all this in. Believe it or not. I’m not making this stuff up. Just accept it or don’t. It doesn’t really matter. The TRUTH is rolling out very soon, in my opinion.