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Iraqi surprise everyone and reveal their consent to take over Adel Abdul-Mahdi as prime minister
2010-09-11 11:41:04

An informed source (citizen) on condition of anonymity about the details of chief negotiator to visit the Iraqi List, Rafie al-Issawi to the National Coalition candidate, Adel Abdul Mahdi.

The source said according to al-Issawi told the press that the latest Iraqi support him and guided him to receive the prime minister and form a government in the next phase.

The source added that al-Issawi transfer of Abd al-Mahdi, the decision of the Iraqi List supporting what took place in the last meeting of its members, who welcomed Abdul Mahdi, a candidate for the post of Prime Minister, the source confirmed that the al-Issawi concluded his visit to Abdel-Mahdi said that there are certain things that consultation should take place between the parties to resolve this matter and announced a formal He said both sides had agreed to be done after the day of the Eid al-Fitr, and did not disclose the nature of things that Iraq intends to discuss with Abdul-Mahdi, and agreed upon.

By another citizen learned that the Iraqi National Coalition is promising and a new paper for the mechanisms for selecting one of the candidates for prime minister and will be disclosed when the resumption of negotiations between the coalitions at the end of the Eid holiday.