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Iraq is turning into the countries most attractive for foreign investment in the world
2010-09-26 11:57:21

Neighborhood: said Ian Prammer Chairman of the Group “Airoasia Group” research relevant economic areas of investment in emerging economies that the criticism faced by the war of race as a reason for the economic crisis in the United States and Torita to American taxpayers in the hole “financial black” because of the large subsidies provided to Iraq with the continuation of the crisis there “is a criticism misses the enormous natural wealth in Iraq.”

The Prammer in an interview with the network, “CNN. Me. As” TV on the sidelines of the celebration of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq that the expectations about the future of Iraq and about the benefits that could accrue to U.S. companies as a result of the war are not taken into account usually when those who take such consensus.

“When it was said that American forces will leave Iraq quickly by many to express their expectations of the collapse of that country and spread chaos among the museum. However, this did not happen. The vast wealth that lay by the Iraqis will make the country one more areas of the work of U.S. companies fertility and attractiveness. Iraq needs rebuilding process. No one doubts that the security problems faced by Iraqis now will end one day and they will go to rebuilding processes quickly depending on their financial guarantees in the form of oil reserves, the substantial assets they have. I think that Iraq will turn into a major investment destinations in the world in the next phase and we will be able to take advantage of the special relationship between us and the Iraqis so as to achieve significant benefits for both sides together. ”

“We can for four years to lead to significant differences. Four years ago I was at the crossroads of the Arab strategy in Dubai means that it was in December 2006. In that event officials were Arabs, who I met in a state of extreme anger, as was the report of the Baker – Hamilton or group examine the situation in Iraq has just issued. The report called for to start withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq or a time frame for it. and understanding of that recommendation that the United States want to run out of Iraq as the situation there at the security level extremely bad and the number of victims of American soldiers is growing every day. ”

And the transfer of Prammer what he heard from officials who did not mention their names, saying that “everyone was saying you any Americans Krepettm Iraq You need to fix the situation there before Tafroa. And I understand that criticism of the policy of President George W. Bush was such a policy threatens to spread sectarian clashes in the entire region as well as the award of the followers of al-Qaeda extremists based on a threatened from within the region. and is then seemed very bleak, but I think that it is not the case now. ”

And explain the U.S. economy over the difference by saying, “I went in January of this year’s forum competitive global economic, which was held in Riyadh and met a large number of businessmen from various countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The debate is going on with most of them about strategies to go to Iraq. And everyone was aware that the time has come to talk about the value of Iraq’s oil reserves and its role in the provision of financial guarantees to attract huge investments from the region and the world. ”

“We talked some Saudis that Iraq could displace Saudi Arabia on the location of the largest production capacity standby pump in the not too distant. Iraq is now producing about 2.4 million barrels a day. In view of the contracts recently signed with a number of international giants, there is a belief that Iraq is capable of production at three times that amount over what is now produced by any level of production to become larger than the current level of production of Saudi Arabia, which has 10.8 million barrels a day. ”

Prammer explained that the volume of oil companies that will work in Iraq suggests that the size of investments that will employ there. He said the “giants enter the weight in Iraq now. We know very well what happens in those cases. And even BP, and despite the obstacles they face after an explosion platform sea off the coast of South America, it intends to employ a great deal of its power in Iraq. The Company participated with China National Petroleum Corporation in the investment contract and the development of Rumaila in southern Iraq, one of the largest oil fields in the world. ”

“The returns will be achieved will help the Iraqi government to build roads and bridges and the reconstruction of infrastructure collapsed in the country. Entered the Iraqi government depends 95% on oil. This percentage is expected to decline because the Iraqis have some advanced relatively to education and technological skills. I can see now the sectors that will see a direct call for global companies to build in Iraq and the first water, sanitation and electricity. It is expected that it depends on the highest technology now exists as the Iraqis begin from the moment the late and great momentum. What we see now encouraged to emphasize that we will see unprecedented growth in Iraq ” .

He explained by saying, “with an infusion of funds into infrastructure construction will see a significant reduction in the rates of unemployment. The unemployment in Iraq is already dropping significantly, but still so far stands at about 15%. The growth rates of gross domestic product amounted to about 7% this year. and classified site in Iraq twelfth on the list of fastest growing economies in the world. I think that this is only provided only. The offer will start the real next few years. ”

“If we take the example of the numbers who have Internet service, for example, we will find that number in September 2003 did not exceed 4500 subscribers. The figure now is 1.6 million subscribers. In March 2007 the proportion of ethnic who say they feel safe at 26% of the population. The In February 2009 the number stood at 59%. It could be argued that Iraqis were now more optimistic about the future of the country than they were at any time before. This is an important element in mobilizing the forces of the community about the overall development. ”

But Bremer said that the picture is still by what he called some black spots. He explained by saying, “There are of course political problems and economic issues facing the country right now. I am not trying to downplay these problems in any way. After months of parliamentary elections end in Iraq is still without a new government. There are remnants of the terrorist organizations that appear from time to time and the other to intimidate Iraqis. These are negative of course. but they do not reduce the likelihood of a promising future for the country that won its share of wars and sanctions. ”

“And there are also things worrying the other related to the path of economic growth directly. Even now there is no oil law because it did not approve the Parliament Act which provided for the organization of the work of this sector, which aimed to divide the proceeds of oil and gas are accepted between the components of Iraqi society is different. Moreover, there is no So far, legislation regulating the work of foreign investment in Iraq and guarantee the creation of a secure environment tack investments so as to encourage their flow to the country. Nor is there an agreed formula to resolve the issue of the Kurdistan region of granting contracts to oil companies in a manner independent of the federal government. has not yet been resolved issue referendum on the elaboration of the Kurds, or rather put areas, which they say should be affiliated to their region. They are all important issues which put a great responsibility rests with the political class in Iraq. ”

“The important link is the middle class in Iraq. Has inflicted sanctions and government control stranglehold on the economy, significant damage to that class of Iraqis that have the skills to the task of the activity and movement and action in the areas of rebuilding the country. Will have to be that that layer corrects the warp caused by the inefficiency government and the bureaucratic and financial corruption. It is therefore very important to ensure sufficient political freedoms for the Iraqi middle class for their role played in many countries in terms of ensuring not come up that experience for the task under which hoped. ”