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CEO info from DonnieR My bank story today: Dinar Recaps 7/27/11
2011-08-01 11:24:44
JULY 27TH, 2011 07:36 PM  

(Thank you JJ and Donald for emailing us this People Invested post by DonnieR)

Hello to all…. This is what happened when I entered a bank which is one of the big 4 located in xxxxx, Arizona today…. I asked an employee if they were going to be exchanging the IQD when it revalues. She responded quickly saying yes we will…. I continued asking if they had information regarding the IQD… She asked for my name and asked if I would like to speak with the manager and I said yes that would be great…. The manager asked me to join him in his office…. I asked if he had received any information with reference to your bank cashing in the IQD….

He responded by saying yes we have received word from corporate that we are to prepare for the the IQD to be traded within the banks very soon! I asked if they have a DelaRue machine and he said yes they do but it was set up for U.S. currency only…. Question, how will the bank decipher if the dinar is counterfeit or not? He said they have an MRI booklet which shows all the foriegn currency in the world which will show the security markings and water marks varifying the dinar is authentic currency….

He also said once the dinar was varified it would then be deposited directly into my account and would be made available immediately for use. He menthioned they are having a special meeting this afternoon and if I would give him my number he would gladly call me with any new information….Hopefully you’ll find this very good news as I beleive we are closer than we’ve ever been and I also beleive all the other bank stories read about the last couple of days are TRUE!!!! I’m very excited for everyone in this investment!

Pray for the Iraqi people and our troops!