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rick152 (OK It looks like we are right there): PTR 8/3/11 12:09AM
2011-08-08 13:42:13

good evening. This just may be our time. There has been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears left in the path to this moment. Americans and Iraqi’s alike.

The Iraqi people have gone through about 2 1/2 generations of totaltarian rule. Many have died an never will know the freedom there brothers and sisters are about to recieve. Some where between 25 and 30 million people held to the tyranical pressures of a ruthless dictator. The survivors are still trying to get a grip of the unknown. In some ways you could compare them to the originating founders of our own country. forging there own place in the world. One major difference is that they have benefitted from our experiance. It took us the US well more than 100 years to realize what the benefit of the fight would bring. They, with our help get to the beginning of the finish line much much quicker. In this alone we as a nation should be celebrating.

We as Americans have sacrificed our own brothers and sisters. The ONLY way to say this is these men and wemen volinteered to help the helpless arise from there pit of heck. We as dinarians have helpped with our own contribution. Our purchase of dinar has directly helped the new nation of iraq arise from the ashes. Our prayers have helped to drive the evil away from a deserving people.

The iraqi’s are a very proud and educated they will run away with this thing in high fashion.

In a lot of cases we as dinarians probably know more about Iraq than we do of our own country. But you may not chose to realize what has really occured there. Right after the capture of Saddam Husein, Iraqi’s opened up there own businesses and started there own enterprises. which before they could have been killed just for talking about.

Like it or not there are quite a few of us that have experience of having an (addictive personality) When we arrise in the morning and turn on our computers before the coffee is even put on LOL This is going to be just one of the major adjustments we are going to have to go through.

Of the 300+ million people in the US we, 1% of the population, were chosen to lead the way to a new light in our nation and the world. This people is not light duty. There WILL be time to relax and enjoy the spoils but we all have a job to do, I will say that I AM NOT WORTHY, but I have been chosen also. I will be keeping my promises. to myself and especially to my God. We must all follow through.

There are many different ways to accomplish this. You have all set in your mind what you are going to do, Just do it. There are still stumbling blocks coming our way, how we come through them will be the answer. You ARE going to be confronted about your new blessing, lied to, some will try to steal from you swindle, chastise, and try to guilt you out of this, you must stay strong and aware.

Unfortunatly our circle of friends will change drastically. I have said for a long time that if you live to be 100 years old and can count your REAL friends on 5 fingers you have done very well. most are what I call “fair weather friends” People you can count on for anything.

Carve out your new place in this life. Make very careful investments, Not gold and silver for right now. Use this wealth to make more wealth, this will enable you to give more and still have for yourself. I for one did not enter into this investment for any kind of greed. I, after reading your posts am self assured We are of some very top notch people, I guess that is where the chosen part comes from. Put away stores of food and water quickly, enough to get you by for at least 6 months. There are BIG changes coming to this country. Not just new millionairs but others that have been illuded to in other chats take heed of them they are real.

I am rambling here and I appreciate your patience. As you awake tomorrow if this blessing has not appeared do not dismay, the anticipation can be devistating. Our dinarian leaders are all in the same place and I believe we do not have a much longer wait. So mind your words and be patient. I believe we are there. I personally know a friend of Okie whose career in the military crossed paths well, and the connections Okie has are very real. There is still the posibility that even he has been misled as to “tomorrow” but this cannot be held much longer if at all.

Even though some of this post sounds a little off every word came straight from my heart and I for one am going to miss all of you and this ride when it ends. But every ending is a new start. I truly hope there is a way we will still be together in some way to share our thoughts, experiences, prayers, and dreams.

I have gone on long enough so Love each other and yourself. GO RV…rick152