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What else is behind the delay of the “RV”? and “What’s Really Behind the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation?”
2011-10-01 20:42:18
SEPTEMBER 28TH, 2011 08:50 AM 
One very significant thing that most who have purchased Iraqi Dinar have not been told, not considering, or factor into all the delays – it has been stated that there are at least 123, and as many as 153, other countries which are to have their currencies revalued at the same time as the Iraqi Dinar.  Coordinating such an event, and working to have those countries agree to having their currencies manipulated for the sake of “world commerce” (and to help rejuvenate the world financial system), doesn’t happen “overnight”, and takes a significant amount of work, time, and cooperation, to complete such an event – which may be unprecedented in world history.
That the “RV” hasn’t happened, seems to some who doubt the validity of Foreign Currency exchanging to support their thoughts, and cast doubt on those who have purchased Iraqi Dinar.  Those who doubt the validity of this, and think it is a “scam”, have primarily looked for what might support their assumptions, and not obtained or “weighed” all the evidence.

What’s Really Behind this Dinar Revaluation?
The Babylonian system intends to use this to infuse a huge amount of cash into its near-collapsed world-wide banking system.  Essentially, they are monetizing Iraq’s natural resources–that is, they are printing up debt notes (thought to be money) to sell the Iraqi’s oil and natural gas that is yet in the ground.
I believe that this was the plan of the bankers and oil companies from the beginning. Trick Saddam Hussein into attacking Kuwait so that there was an excuse to put Iraq under UN Sanctions. Then there would be a two-pronged attack on Iraq: the first by militarily taking over the country, and the second by financially taking over the country’s natural assets (oil and gas).
The military phase is finished, for all practical purposes.  Once “stability” is established, then Phase II can occur.  â€œThe Fed” has reportedly bought about $7 trillion Iraqi dinar at low, low prices–probably no more than $2-3 billion in all, and when the Iraqi Dinar is revalued, â€œthe Fed” (or rather those who own the banks that own the Fed) has incentive to push for a high rate of exchange in order to increase its profit.
Secondly, apparently, â€œthe Fed” has “agreed” not to dump Iraq’s Dinar on Iraq all at once, but to use them to purchase oil at a predetermined low rate of about $40 per barrel (some have stated the price to the US is to be no more than $32 per barrel – but who or what is meant by “the US”?).  With the price of oil now about $90 per barrel, this means that the Fed’s Iraqi Dinars–whatever the revalued rate turns out to be–will be worth at least double to them than what the Dinar will be for us in actual purchasing power.
If the revaluation comes in at, say, $5/dinar, then the Fed’s $7 trillion worth of Dinar would be worth $35 trillion toward the purchase of Iraqi oil and gasAnd,they will get to purchase Iraq’s natural resources at a low, low rate, essentially doubling the purchase power of their Dinar to the equivalent of $70 trillion or more.
Hence, for a mere 2-3 billion dollars (of their own Federal Reserve Notes?), “the Fed” has by its plan, mortgaged Iraq’s entire wealth in the ground for the next century.  The cost of securing these resources militarily cost them nothing, because the US Treasury paid the troops to do their work for them.  The US Treasury paid for it by borrowing more “money” (Federal Reserve Notes) from “the Fed”, which was created for “the Fed” at a cost of nothing to them, and then loaned to the US Government – plus interest.
I deplore this plot against Iraq, but, I understand that certain men have been doing such things for a long, long time, and America too, has been a victim of the same kind of takeover by monetary manipulation. Such is the nature of the beast of Babylon.
Some may ask, then why we should participate in the plot by buying Iraqi Dinar?  First, there are supposedly about 3 million American “little guys” who have only purchased about $1.6 trillion Iraqi Dinar.  Most other nations (if not all) have laws prohibiting the sale of Iraqi Dinar within their countries.  â€œThe Fed” has succeeded in limiting these sales to Americans (by publicizing it is a scam, along with banks that do not want their employees to become millionaires and quit their jobs – which the bank trained them to do), not because they like us so much, but because when we â€œcash in” the revalued Iraqi dinars at the bank (exchange Dinar for bank credits or Federal Reserve Notes), the dinars make their way to the bank vaults of “the Fed”! â€œThe Fed” pays the banks for the Dinar with Federal Reserve Notes or credits, but these Dinar are worth at least twice as much to “the Fed” in purchasing Iraqi oil and gas (which is then sold to whom…for what price?).
So, those who own the banks that own “the Fed” are using us (Americans) to legitimize their plan to enhance their balance sheets.
So much for the plans “of mice and men”.  The real question is: What is God’s Divine Plan in all of this?
When we look at the prophetic history of Babylon and see Iraq as a type of Babylon, the plan unfolds perfectly. When the kings of the East conquered Babylon in the days of Daniel, they first diverted the Euphrates River and then walked into the city on the dry river bed. They killed the king (Belshazzar), and the city fell to them intact.
The drying up of the Euphrates is mentioned in Isaiah 44, as well as in Revelation 16, where it is pictured as part of the prophetic sequence of events. The Euphrates is the life blood of Babylon, and it prophetically represents the life blood of modern Mystery Babylon. That life blood is MONEY. It is cash flow – liquidity, is the river current (currency).
When the Iraqi dinar revalues, it is prophetic of the diversion of the Euphrates before the fall of Babylon–i.e., the “type” of Babylon, which is Iraq today.  We will have a short time in which to cash in/exchange dinars before “the city falls”.  I do not suggest holding on to Iraqi Dinar while awaiting an increase in their value. Let “the Fed” do that, because their greed will be their downfall.
Iraq‘s Prime Minister is Mr. Maliki. The Hebrew word for “king” is Melek. It appears to me that Maliki is prophetically representing the “king of Babylon,” or Belshazzar of old. It appears to me that Mr. Maliki will be overthrown at some point, more likely killed (assassinated), and that this will enflame the entire country in a civil war. The nation will split into three parts, as Revelation 16 indicates.
Iraq is already politically and religiously divided into three parts, and it is presently taking “a lot of glue” to hold them together. I believe that an assassination would split the nation into three parts along those natural fault lines. When this happens, none of those three pieces will honor the present Dinar but will begin printing their own currencies.
“The Fed” will then be caught with close to $9 trillion “confederate” Iraqi Dinar that will be as the worthless pieces of paper they once were. That, I believe, will cause the final collapse of Mystery Babylon - in the bigger picture. In other words, the “type” (Iraq) will be a regional picture of a much bigger collapse of the entire Babylonian worldwide system.
This is my opinion and understanding of the prophecies in Scripture. As always, I may be wrong, but this is how I see it working out. The final outcome of the great conspiracy of “the Fed” against Iraq will backfire because they do not know that God is running a counter-conspiracy to catch them in their own trap.
I believe that God is going to use this situation to help fund the Kingdom. There will be a short window of opportunity that may only last a few months or a year.  So, if you find yourselves with Iraqi Dinar that are worth something, do not plan to hold on to it hoping it will increase in value or as you might if it were “precious metal”.  Use it to help build the Kingdom and to prepare for the overthrow of “that great City”.  Use the money to buy things of real value that will be useful in the times ahead, so that you will be part of the solution, rather than be destroyed along with what has been the problem.